Do not seek love. Be human, love shall seek you out.


A lover of darkness! Been with music since I was 11. Started my Radio career in 2013 and music is the reason! Which one do u think is the best place to work if you are into music? A Radio Station, no doubt! And that’s why I am with the best station ABC Radio 89.2 Fm! Then again, I feel like I’m a human disguise of the devil who loves to sing and be with his listeners as much as he can. Listen to me if you have enough guts to listen to truth and reality every Wednesday and Thursday night at 01 AM, Friday night at 9 PM, and Sunday night at 11 PM. 

People, who does not have self-confidence, knowledge and competence, take refuge in power, envy and politics.


Tara Rum Pum

With RJ Sharmeen

Jaha Bolibo Shotto Bolibo