Just Do It


Hi, this is RJ Toma. I Love to read books a lot and also love to eat… Any dish prepared by my Mom is my favorite dish specially beef curry. I love to watch movies - Animations, Horror and Superhero Movies are my most favorites. Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. and Shahrukh Khan are my favorite heroes and no favorite heroine but myself! :P
I born in Chittagong on April 4 and love my city a lot. I think Chittagong is the city where I can get fresh air to breathe. My father is the most loving, caring and adorable father in the world. He is my Superhero and my Idol. He is my best listener. I am an Advocate by profession and also a member of Dhaka Bar Association. I love cricket, football & wrestling a lot and try not to miss any of the matches. I love PC games too and my most favorite PC game is GTA San Andreas.

Because I have lived life, I have no sorrow to die.