What is Hawa Badal?
ABC radio FM 89.2 was running a program named HAWABADAL from 2010-2016. The program was designed to highlight the essence of Bengali folk music traditions to our listeners. HAWABADAL introduced diverse versions of folk songs to the listeners including the ones collected from the grassroots. The program provided the listeners of different age particularly the growing young generation an understanding on how certain folk tune and words were presented at the place of its origin and since then how this has changed by the urban singers. The program was had the presence of folk musicians like: Lalon, Hasson, Radha Raman, Bijay Sarkar, Manmohon Dutta, Shah Abdul karim, Abdul Alim, Sachin Dev Burman, Abbas Uddin Ahmed, Arkum Shah, Durbin Shah, Biditlal Das etc. Different folk music genre based programs were also arranged as those included Manasha mangal, Guru Bandana, Wedding songs, Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Dhamail, Maijbhandari, Marfati, Sari gaan, Palagaan, Songs Flower, Songs of Bird, thoughts of death in folk songs etc.
The program created larger impacts among the listeners of different ages.

Hosted by: RJ Sharmeen & Dr. Mahbub Pial
It was held:Every FRIDAY from 3pm-6pm
Dr. Mahbub Pial currently is the Dean fo Liberal Arts & Social Science in IUB. He previously was Teaching Anthropology and Development in the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). He also obtained training on folklore during his stay at Bangla Academy folklore Department in 1993 as a research Fellow. Bangla Academy published one of his book “Boat Race Festival” based on the field work. As an anthropologist he has visited most of the part of Bangladesh. He has collected songs from the grassroots singers representing diverse range folk music genre. Mahbub tried to follow the approach of ethnomusicology. Mahbub Pial is also a folk music singer. Three of his albums were already published. They are: a) Kon Range Dakore (publisher: Laser Vision), b) Megh Raja (publisher: Cool Production), c)Gange naya pani (publisher: Agnee Beena). His fouth Album based on Marfati songs is ready to be published. These experince helps him play adequate role as a Kothabondhu in HAWABADAL.